Recommendation – Sillcock Key for Water

If you are reading this on my website you are probably like me and prepare for all different kinds of situations. Have you ever been in an urban setting and notice a water faucet with no handle? Well if you did i have good news for you there is an item you can add to your Get Home Bag/Bug out Bag that you can use to get the water.

This item is called a sillcock key this key can be purchased online or at a hardware store. I got mine on amazon for pretty cheap, Like 5-7 dollars so getting a couple is advised.

So once you have a sillcock key and you know what to look for you can use the key to get water. Here are a few things to think about.

  • Is the grid down (No power to the building) Depending on the size of the building it might not matter gravity will help you and the pipes could have a lot of water still in it.
  • Is the water potable (is it drink able) You still have the option to take the water with you and process it later.
  • Is the area where the faucet is located is secure. If the SHTF is going on there will be panic security will be paramount so ensure you will not be attack while you get the water.

If you are going to be in an urban area and choose not to add the sillcock key to your kit. You can as try to use a multi tool or a screwdriver to open the faucets but it is unlikely that you will be successful but it really depends on the situation. Remember you will want to be moving quickly and stealth fully as possible.


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