Prepper’s Natural Remedies and Tips

Please understand that I am not a doctor and expect you to do your due diligence always in trying natural remedies.  I am just sharing my experiences and what has worked for me.

Urinary Tract Infection
Rub lemongrass essential oil on the abdomen and on the bottom of your feet.  I would recommend a carrier oil such as coconut oil because lemongrass is a powerful and strong oil.  I am also drinking milk thistle, lemongrass and nettle tea to assist the body with fluid and also to help remedy the situation.  I am also taking echinacea tincture in a glass of water.
Pink Eye
Rub lavender essential oil on the bridge of your nose and eyebrow area.  If you use Standard Process herbs you can also use Iplex.
Muscle Issues
Stretching your muscles daily is extremely important.  Our muscles are meant to be used and the more we stretch them the better they will work and the healthier we will be longer in our lives.  Additionally, it is important that your muscles are getting magnesium whether through your diet or supplements.  When my muscles were locking up and extremely tight I use Magnesium Oil spray directly on the area.    For those dealing with silicone or biotoxin poisoning, it is EXTREMELY important that you keep your muscles stretched and active or the toxins will continue to reak havoc on your system.
Allergy Issues
Nettle either in capsule, tincture or tea is very helpful with allergic reactions.  Lavender on bee bites as well as coconut oil will help with the sting and swelling.  Lemongrass, peppermint, and lavender on the chest will also help with allergic reactions.
Histamine Intolerance
Teas to help reduce histamine in the body.  I have been drinking Holy Basil tea as well as milk thistle and olive leaf.  Yasimina is a WEALTH of information if you are experiencing a histamine intolerance and having Anaphylaxis troubles.
Using lemongrass, peppermint and lavender on the chest will also help reduce the experience.
Sleep Troubles
Hyland’s homeopathic calme forte


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