How to chose a tactical pen


An ordinary pen serves a purpose, to write down your thoughts, access them in the future and clear your mind.

Tactical pens will not only have the same capability but they will also be your special tiny weapon.

Nowadays, walking in the streets is never 100% safe. At any time you could be attacked, mugged or worse, kidnapped. In this kind of situations you are in a fight or flight mode, but what if running away is not an option? A weapon can turn this kind of situations to your advantage. But what’s that self-defense tool that can be with you at any moment without being at risk of infringing the law? Tactical pens are a perfect fit for sure!

Tactical pen origins:

Usually made out of metal or aluminum, the tactical pen looks like an ordinary pen, keeping its over destructive power hidden in its extra-sharp ballpoint. It is originated from two self-defense tools: The Yawara which is an old Japanese Jujitsu wooden self-defense tool that looks like a small stick and the Kubaton, a self-defense keychain developed by Takayuki Kubota. Both were popularized when they were used by the Japanese police forces and constitutes the ancestors of the well known tactical pens.

Today, tactical pens are used around the world by the US Special Forces, private security guards and are very praised by the survival community. If you want a self-defense tool that will be with you every day, your pocket should carry one of these.

Considered as a very strong self-defense tool and potentially deadly if it targets vital point as the throat or the head,  it’s mostly used for neutralizing treats. Its extremity is so strong that it can break windows and bones without blinking an eye.


My story with tactical pens:

I remember that day I was taking notes on my notebook at the coffee shop in the corner when someone came from behind and tried to shock me. And guess what? I was writing with my tactical pen that day. I gave him a small tap to his hand with the extremity of the tactical pen which made him throw his grape on me. A move I still regret as it was just an old friend who was joking. But he didn’t know that I am always ready to defend myself no matter what. Hopefully, I didn’t try to wound him.

It’s amazing that feeling when no one knows that you have in your hand a very aggressive self-defense tool that can be used immediately if a treat shows up.

I have always considered the tactical pen as a perfect alliance between stealthiness and over destructive power, that’s why I never leave home without it. I have been able to take them with me through security checkpoints and airplanes although I don’t advise you doing that. Over the last years, I have acquired a bunch of them and offered others to people I care for.

Some companies selling tactical pens charges 100$ – 200$ per unit which is discouraging for most of us. Others sell very low costs pens that don’t possess the essence of the real tactical pens, which is:

  •      High precision tool
  •      Discreet design
  •      Scientifically tested grip pattern
  •      LED Flashlight
  •      Knife
  •      Wrench
  •      Blade
  •      Bottle Opener
  •      Functional Pen
  •      Replacement ink
  •      Batteries

Having a tactical pen in your hands may not be all you need. Learn how to use it, and practice on non-living targets. Train with your friends and family and teach others what you learned.


Pros & Cons of tactical pens :

Pros Cons
Stealth weapon

Big destructive power

A perfect fit for your EDC

A multifunction tool

An opportunity to learn new skills

Restricted in some states

Not easy to take over a group of people

Not allowed in planes

Require training to be used correctly 



A final word:

As our states are struggling to assure a full security to each and any one of us, stealth weapons are more and more used by the citizens. If you don’t have one yet, you won’t regret getting one once you feel the confidence it gives you walking with one of these in your pocket.

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