Food Storage Challenge


Remember having a deep pantry isn’t just about having extra food on hand. It is also about having the means to survive in an emergency situation, having all the extra food isn’t going to do you much good if you can’t cook it when the power is out. If you are having a hard time trying to afford filling a deep pantry read my post on “having a Deep Pantry on a tight budget.”

Don’t forget to share what you were able to do this past week to have a deep pantry/food storage. Let’s encourage each other. And if you have a question feel free to ask or if you have the answer to a question feel free to answer. If you have a tip or idea you can share that also. As I said let’s make this a place where we can share and encourage others to get that deep pantry.

500 Aspirin / Pest Control

500 Aspirin or an other pain reliever whatever you and your family use. If you have small children be sure to get get some children’s pain reliever.

Pest Control, Depending on your area get what you need if you live in an area of mice get traps and poison for outside, Bug spray, sticky traps for flies, ant killer. Whatever you need to combat the pest in your area.

The extra item this month is to try and find alternate heating sources.

With winter on its way and all the disasters going on in the world right now, fires, hurricanes, terror attacks and all the other things going on in the world right now. You need to have an alternate heat source then if something happens to your power source you will still be able to stay warm.

There are many places that are without power right now. How would you heat your house without power? A wood stove is ideal but some people are unable to have a wood stove so they will have to find alternatives. If you do have a wood stove be sure to have enough wood to last all winter.  There are some really good propane heaters out there but you will have to have propane stored also. Be careful about ventilation when considering your heat sources. Endless people have been asphyxiated due to carbon monoxide poisoning because they chose the wrong option to heat their living space. Some buildings have windows which will not open, and this must be considered when thinking of your heat sources. Be sure and have carbon monoxide detectors.

Also, it would be wise to have some extra warm clothing and blankets on hand. Long underwear, thick socks, gloves, hats (something comfortable enough to sleep in), warm outer clothing, and good sleeping bags and/or blankets for every member of the family are a must. I’d consider co-sleeping as a family during the coldest of nights as well. Nothing like body heat to warm you up!

The action item this month is a grab and go binder,

This will have copies of all your important papers, insurance papers copies of credit cards, social security card, licenses, bank account information, marriage and divorce papers. In addition to phone numbers, addresses. You could even add a flash drive with some important pictures and pictures of the contents in your home. This way you only have minutes to leave your house you can grab it and have copies of the important papers in case something happens to your home. Be sure to store somewhere safe but also easy to grab in a hurry.

Add more to your money stash and put back a little more water.

What I was able to get done this past week. 

I didn’t get much done this week. I fell last week and muffed up my knee and my shoulder so I tried to take it a little easy this last week so I  just worked on a quilt and an afaghan. Hoping to get back with it this next week.

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