Letter from a Prepper – Air Layering Plants

This weekend, we found that the Mulberries started turning their delicious shade of purple-ly black.  As I happily picked the berries, I mentioned to the Hubby that we should definitely continue to propagate the Mulberries as they were doing fantastically.  His response was that we should start Air Layering.

What is Air Layering?

I had to ask him because I didn’t know.

Air layering is a propagation technique used to root plants quickly and effectively, he explained.  The stem is stripped of its bark while keeping it attached to the parent plant.  Then it wrapped with soil or damp moss encouraging roots to form.

air layering

We grabbed a few thicker than average bags and some electrical tape and got to work.

We found some good candidates and stripped off the top layer of bark.  He got all fancy using the actual name of the layer but I just called it bark.

air layering

He wrapped it up and applied some moist soil before wrapping the other side.

air layering

We did several sets and of Mulberries and plan to do a few more plants.

The Air Layers need to set for about 60 days before unwrapping and checking our handy work.

Stay tuned as the adventures continue!

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