Letter form a Prepper – Our Goat Playground


After our first goats escaped, I read everything I could about goat containment.  One of the tidbits I gleaned is that bored goats are more likely to escape.  After learning this factoid (well, mostly just because it is really cute to watch them jump around) I started dreaming up our goat playground.  With scrap wood from our own projects as well as from a local engineering school our current playground was built, and so far it has been a hit!


Michael examining our creation.


Hazel enjoys being Queen of the playground.

I am typically a very stingy person but when our hose blew and it was time for an upgrade, I was ecstatic.  I had been dreaming of building a rope bridge of sorts for our goats to play on but needed a hose to hold the planks together.  It was the day after I had found our seven week old bottle baby goat, Dory, had not made it to the morning and I was in desperate need of a distraction.  So I took on the project! I gathered all of our spare/scrap 2x4s  we had laying around and cut them into approximately 18 inch sections.  I then spaced them an inch and a half apart and screwed in the old busted hose along the backside.


Inch and a half spacing was more of a suggestion, who needs to measure?


Folly “helping” me by chewing on every tool not currently in my hand

I asked Michael to take pictures (he is a very talented photographer) but evidently that translated to not being able to help me carry my creation over the electric fence.


We screwed the excess hose on either side into some platforms we had built from found pallets.


I had to force Michael to put down the camera and help at this point!


Ginger being curious about the new addition


Hazel was unsure and so initially tried to jump the entire gap


Michael and Hazel discussing modifications


A happy herd


Hazel timidly going for another try


She stayed splayed and unsure for about a minute


And then made the leap!


Babs seemed to approve of the addition to the farmyard (but that could have had something to do with the hay we bribed them with). And so now Folly Farms has its own swinging rope, er… I mean hose bridge and a few very happy goats because of it.

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